Your life is as good as your Mindset, Heartset and Bodyset!


As a certified Life & Embodiment Coach, I am dedicated to rewiring your mindset, heartset and bodyset enabling you to unlock your full potential, shift your way of thinking and embody the change you want to be.

I firmly believe that we all deserve to experience joy, fulfillment, and purpose in our professional lives, regardless of our age. Furthermore, I hold the conviction that authenticity, embracing our true essence, and aligning our work with our core values are entirely attainable.

Having personally undergone a similar process of transition in my professional and personal life, I now embrace a life with more joy, purpose, and fulfillment.

My mission is to assist you in reshaping your mindset and embodying the change you aspire to achieve. I have initiated this project with the goal of empowering women who may feel professionally stagnant, helping them gain clarity and confidence in understanding themselves, their goals, and ultimately overcoming their fears.

It will be an honor for me to guide you through the process of formulating and executing an action plan that leads to a sense of fulfillment and recognition of your full potential. My methodology is rooted in harmonizing the three dimensions of BEING: mindset, heartset, and bodyset. I achieve this through individual coaching, group programs, and numerology readings.

In a Coaching process, I apply the 3 SET Framework:


A positive and empowered mindset forms the foundation for personal and professional growth. During life coaching sessions, I will guide individuals in setting clear goals, overcoming challenges, and unlocking their full potential. With the power of neuro linguistic programming, I help reshape thought patterns for success and improved decision-making.


Emotional well-being is at the heart of this methodology. When we feel emotionally supported, our engagement and productivity grows. Through meditation and other embodiment practices, I offer practical tools to manage stress, enhance focus, and cultivate emotional resilience. A balanced heartset fosters healthier relationships.


A healthy body fuels a healthy mind and heart. The embodiment techniques focus on aligning physical well-being with mental and emotional harmony. By integrating movement, posture, and breathwork, I help individuals gain self-awareness, clarity and confidence to embrace the life they desire.

Through the 3 SET framework, I will guide you through 3 phases:

Phase 1


Becoming aware of your current state and your needs to achieve the life you ​​desire.

Phase 2


Leading to more clarity and confidence to make conscious decisions.

Phase 3


Resulting in the transformation you want to see in your life.

The tools applied, depending on your needs:





How can you benefit from Coaching?

It helps to achieve your goals in a more structured and accelerated way.

It helps you gain clarity and awareness of what you need to change and step out of autopilot to enable the change you want to experience.

We are able to work on a conscious and subconscious level to unlock fears and beliefs that limit us.

It enables us to dive into our self-knowledge and understand what we are truly passionate about, enabling us to live more aligned to our Purpose.

We will work on personal and/or professional goals.

Together, we will define a realistic action plan that will take you from your current state to your desire state, with my full support throughout the entire process.

What is Embodiment coaching?

Embodiment coaching is a holistic approach to personal development and transformation that focuses on integrating the mind, body, and emotions. It recognizes that our bodies hold wisdom, and by cultivating a deeper connection with our physical selves, we can enhance self-awareness, self-expression, and overall well-being.

It draws from various disciplines such as neuroscience, psychology, somatics, mindfulness, and movement practices. It involves working with a coach who guides individuals through a process of exploring and understanding their physical sensations, emotions, patterns of movement, and ways of being in the world.

Embodiment coaching can be beneficial for individuals seeking personal development, increased self-awareness, stress reduction, improved well-being, enhanced creativity, and greater emotional intelligence.

My mission is to empower you to achieve a more fulfilling, joyful and purposeful professional life and help you shift your way of thinking so you can embody the change you want to be.

How can I support you in your journey? 

1:1 Coaching – 6 weeks

This program is ideal for women who already work in their area of ​​fulfillment but are not achieving the desired results. You are seeking support to get unstuck mentally, emotionally and physically so you can embrace your full potential and also need help to define and implement an action plan to achieve the desired results.xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxx

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1:1 Coaching – 12 weeks

This program is ideal for women who do not feel professionally fulfilled and are not sure where to start. You are seeking individual support to gain clarity about who you are, what you like, to get unstuck mentally, emotionally and physically and draw up a realistic action plan to achieve your professional fulfillment, joy and purpose more quickly.xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Numerology readings

You can access 2 types of readings. One that is ideal for women who want to know more about who they are, what they like so they can align their professional life with their purpose, gifts, talents and qualities and in that way, access their full potential. The other reading is aimed for female entrepreneurs who want to align themselves with their project energetically, whether in a launch or growth phase.

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Coaching is a partnership with the Client, based on a stimulating and creative process to maximize their
personal and professional potential. Regardless of age and profession, coaching accelerates the
desired results.

I chose the feather as a symbol for my logo because I believe we all deserve to live a lighter, more fulfilling and purposeful life. Through my Coaching & Numerology project, I will help you embrace your full potential and have the confidence to live the life you most desire. Your happiness matters!

Together, we will start the journey that will open the path to a more purposeful life!


"The work we developed will make all the difference in my life. It was simply incredible, built on trust and without judgment! Diana added perspective to my life in a way that I always felt was very genuine and very true. From tips to apply on a daily basis, drawing up a detailed action plan to deep and meaningful conversations and lots of sharing, I thank you for everything you shared with me and for helping me learn to know myself in a completely different way. I recommend without hesitation for the talent, professionalism, dedication and compassion that I saw and felt in you from the first moment!"

Matilde Oliveira

"It was so good to rediscover more about myself! Diana is ... I lack the words to describe how professional she is. And it's not just that, Diana allows us to open our book of limiting beliefs and shadows so that she can help us turn them into empowering beliefs and light. No fears, no doubts. Simply allowing me to know myself better. It is of excellence, in everything. And it helped me immensely! It was simple. It was practical. It was exciting!"

Mariana Silva

"Diana helped me gain incredible clarity about my life and my future. Being Diana´s coachee was one of the best things that ever happened to me! In an assertive but very gently approach, she asked me questions that led me to find answers that I did not think to find. Thank you for everything you did for me!"

Bárbara Santos

"Diana is an extraordinary person, with immense empathy, who makes you feel good about yourself even when you are self-critical! I strongly recommend, I loved the experience, the clarity, constant positivism, the joy before each session and the lightness and peace of
mind after each session, no matter how intense they were. She supports you without criticizing, gives you tools to recognize your path and potential without judging or trying to influence you."

Liliana Santos

"A very rewarding experience that helped me confront my questions and decisions, allowing me to redefine my professional path with more focus and clarity! What impressed me the most was the ability to access the answers that were always there, in a subconscious level. It is a powerful tool in the pursuit of our life purpose. I am very grateful for the experience with Diana, for the professionalism, motivation and serenity that she transmits in all the sessions and above all for her human qualities. Thank you!"

Andreia Beleque

"It was exactly what I needed to find myself again and to rescue my “joi de vivre”! During these long months of uncertainty, I felt lost, angry with everything and everyone and felt an immense sadness. These sessions helped me find my balance point and with it the ability to react to the setbacks of life in a more positive and constructive way. The hope I felt from the first session made a huge difference. I feel that I have acquired the necessary tools to help me stay focused on what is important to me in all areas of my life. I am immensely grateful to Diana Osório for guiding me through this process. Thank you Diana for your excellent work!"

Angela Viegas

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