“When you dance, your purpose is not to get to a certain place on the floor. It’s to enjoy each step along the way.”

– Wayne Dyer

My Story

My name is Diana Osório. I was born in Hong Kong and raised in Macau until the age of 18, when I then decided to move to England to continue my studies and expand my horizons. Living in Macau, I was fortunate to have met people from different cultures and backgrounds, and as a result, learnt to speak three languages fluently: English, Portuguese and Cantonese.

This experience has influenced my mindset in respecting different values and customs significantly, which I find fascinating!

I graduated in Marketing in 2004 and a few years later, completed a post-graduate degree in Digital Marketing. I lived, studied and worked in the UK for nearly 8 years altogether. Having started my career there, four years later, in 2008, I relocated to Portugal and have been living here since then.

During the last 15 years of my career, I led exciting global projects for well-renowned companies in the financial and insurance sectors. I worked in different business units, namely Product, Marketing, Operations and Strategy, traveled a lot with work and met amazing people from different countries.

The desire to work on projects that would have a direct impact on people´s lives grew more and more, and in 2019, I made the decision to change my career path.

Since I can remember, dancing has always been a fundamental part of my life: a true passion! It always takes me to a place of happiness, serenity and connection.

My passion for dance started with ballet, at the age of 5, then Hip Hop and, for the past 10 years, Afro-Latin rhythm. Through dance, I feel alive and present and that I am living my Purpose.

In 2013, I began to explore, at greater length, this inner connection through mindfulness and yoga, which reinforced the importance and power of the link between body and mind in determining how I choose to live a life of purpose, meaning and fulfilment, whilst staying true to myself.

Training & Qualifications

2004- Graduated in Marketing at the Univeristy of Northampton, England.
2006 - Participated in a 3 day event led by Anthony Robbins in London. (Unleash the Power Within)
2010 - Volunteering in Africa, where I taught children and families, english.
2011 - Volunteering in Hungary working with institutionalized children, supporting in their personal development through dance and other artistic means.
2012 - Completed a 3 month program in Cultural Entrepreneurship and Creative Industries, at ISCTE-IUL.
2013 - Volunteered for 1 year at Entreajuda where I helped companies and individuals be involved in volunteering activities.
2013 - Completed a Hip Hop course at New Yor Hip Hop Conservatory.
2013 - Completed a course on Introduction to Mindfulness with Prof.Sagara at Budadharma.
2014 - Completed a course on Non-violent Communication with Prof. Sagara at Budadharma.
2014 - Completed a post-graduation on Digital Marketing at IPAM.
2018 - Took up dance classes in Cuba.
2018 - Completed a Public speaking course with Luis Martins Simões.
2019 - Launched DançaMente®.
2019 - Became a certified Trainer at CRIAP.
2019 - Became a certified International Professional Coach at Be:coach.
2020 - Completed the 8 week course on MBSR – Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction with Katian Carian.
2020 - Completed my certification on Numerology and became a certified Numerologist, taught by Ana Raquel Santos e Jéssica Maltez.
2021 - Completed my Certification on Neuro-linguistic programmimg (NLP), Practitioner level at InPNL. (International Institute of Neuro-linguistic Programmimg)
2021 - Completed a Workshop on Ikigai, with Nicholas Kemp, Founder & Head Coach of Ikigai Tribe.
2022 - Completed my certification in Embodiment Coaching and became a certified Embodiment Coach, at Embodiment Unlimited.

"Dance is the hidden language of the soul." - Martha Graham

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