Do you always see the same number throughout your life? Have you found yourself drawn to particular numbers?

Numerology is undoubtedly one of the self-knowledge tools that most fascinates me! When I became a certified Numerologist, I experienced firsthand the impact that this tool has and continues to have in my life and now, also to those who seek my help to support in their transformation!

What is Numerology?

If you are not a big fan of mathematics, don´t worry! Numerology is not about math.
If you believe like me that the universe is brought together through energy and its vibrations, stick around! Everywhere we go, we are surrounded by numbers. You see this when you are looking at the time, dates, telephone numbers, documents, etc. Each number has a unique message for us.

Numerology is known as the universal language of numbers and so through our full name and date of birth we can gain greater insight and understanding of who we are, allowing us to embrace our full potential.

Through the study of our numbers, we can discover insights about our personality traits, character, life purpose and also what are some of the challenges we might embrace, enabling us to approach them in a more proactive way.
Numerology invites us to look at ourselves from a new perspective, enabling new possibilities, hence bringing a different result to our lives.

There are no good or bad numbers. Each number has a positive and negative aspect. It all comes down to knowing what our unique numbers are and understanding how are we embracing them on a daily basis. If we embrace the number in a balanced way, we are embracing our full potential!

When we invest in self-knowledge, we are opening up an opportunity for us to embrace success and live a more meaningful and purposeful life. By understanding what our strengths and weaknesses are, this will help us embrace a more proactive approach in the different areas of our lives, enabling us to be in a better position to drive and lead our path in life.

It is important to share what Numerology isn’t as well. It does not predict the future! What it can do is better prepare you to have a more proactive approach in embracing opportunities and handling challenges in a more confident way.

How did Numerology come about?

Pythagoras, the Greek mathematician and philosopher, is known as the father of Numerology. It is a tool that has been around for many years.

Pythagoras believed that the Universe could be explained by Mathematics, embracing both a scientific and spiritual approach. For many years, he dedicated himself to the study of numbers and believed that there was a vibration in each number. Hence, developed the Pythagorean table in which each letter of our alphabet is represented by a number and each number has a vibration that brings us a unique message.

How can I benefit from Numerology?

To gain more clarity and awareness of who we are, what drives us and how we can embrace our full potential.

Through the information obtained from our reading, we can feel more confident in having a career that is more aligned with our purpose, talents and strengths.

When we know ourselves better, we also improve how we interact and relate with others. We feel safer and more confident in expressing our needs.

By identifying beforehand what are the possible challenges that we might face, we are able to deal with them with more ease and confidence. This enables us to embrace our full potential much earlier.

By knowing what works best for us, we can more easily make choices that align with what truly fulfills us, hence living a more meaningful and purposeful life.

It is a tool that allows us to really know who we are, hence allowing us to focus our time, energy and effort in living a happier life.

We start building a special connection with the numbers we see, becoming more aware of the messages it brings.


I want to thank you [a lot] for the help you've given me from the very beginning. Who knew that a simple numerology reading would change my life and my perspective of things, and now my mother's too. I thank you on her behalf, I don't think I've ever seen her so excited about an idea - what before seemed like a dream, now is being developed into plans, thanks to your reading and explanation.
You showed us the potential and strength in us, who we really are, which otherwise we might never had known. A thank you is not enough for the change you brought to us. ❤

- Inês Oliveira (3 SET Program)

I want to thank you for my numerology reading...I loved it and it made so much is undoubtedly an essential tool for our personal development and self-knowledge. It gives us the necessary and important signs to guide our life towards our aspirations, our dreams, our desires. I will definitely reread the map and hear the recording again! I want to take this opportunity as well to share that I found you to be a super captivating person, a good listener who made me feel very comfortable talking about such personal topics...thank you so much Diana!

- Sandra (Numerology for Professionals)

Before the reading, I lacked focus. I was looking for answers, to know which path was aligned with my being. After the reading, I gained awareness and clarity of the path for me. The individual reading and of the project is a unique journey, the return to each unopened window, the turning of keys that show us how to flow lightly in this life, always being our pure truth. The reading was much more than I expected! I was speechless! I am grateful Diana, my heart is overflowing with colors, sounds and drums, which you showed me that I deserve to feel. THANK YOU infinitely.

- Janete Valente (Numerology for Entrepreneurs)

What information do you have access in a numerology reading?

Through your full name and date of birth, you will be able to obtain an analysis on:
  • Your character and personality;
  • Your talents and strengths;
  • Your Life Purpose and key experiences from past lives;
  • Key learnings inherited from our family;
  • The main challenges/limiting beliefs more present;
  • The energy present in key moments (Personal Year, different life cycles and long-term cycles).

The individual numerology reading only needs to be done once, unless you change
your registered name, excluding your married name.

Which Numerology readings are available?

Numerology for Professionals

A guide to achieve Professional fulfillment

This reading is ideal for individuals looking to gain deeper insights into their true selves, their preferences, and their desires. It empowers them to align their professional life with their unique purpose, gifts, talents, and qualities, ultimately unlocking their full potential.

Numerology for Entrepreneurs

A guide to align yourself with the energy of your Project.

This reading is ideal for female entrepreneurs who want their gifts, talents, qualities, and purpose to be energetically aligned with their project and reflected in the brand name, launches, and other important initiatives for the project.

3 SET Program

Embrace your Professional Potential

It’s an individual Coaching and Numerology program designed for women feeling stuck professionally and seeking to explore their inner selves, gain better self-awareness, and clarify their next steps.


I asked for my numerology reading in order to know myself better and also in the hope that it would help me find my purpose. I have to say that it exceeded my expectations greatly! 💛 I couldn't be happier to now have the support of this tool in my path. I am so grateful 🙏

- Cláudia (Numerology for Professionals)

I chose do to my reading, in the hope of obtaining confirmation of the direction to take professionally. After the reading, I feel much more confident and motivated! It really helps us better understand who we are, what we're doing here and what tools we can use to live our purpose.I really enjoyed the reading. It was very comprehensive, but at the same time Diana also focused on the areas I was most curious about. It's a great self-knowledge tool!

- Ana Abreu (Numerology for Professionals)

On my journey of transformation, it made perfect sense for me to use tools such as numerology for self-knowledge. Diana who has helped me in this discovery, allowed me to know more about myself through the coaching sessions, complementing with tools such as numerology. I had no expectations, just curiosity but I was so positively impacted. A lot of things started to make sense, it was like an awakening! And now, with this awareness, it is easier for me to choose the path I want to take for my future. Thank you Diana!

- Laura Silva (3 SET Program)

Numerology for Professionals

A guide to achieve professional fulfillment.

This is a numerology reading, that includes a written map, a recording, and workbook, designed for women who sense they have untapped potential but are uncertain about their next professional steps. They find themselves at a crossroads and aspire to gain better self-understanding, discovering who they truly are, their likes, and their desires. With this tool, they can identify their inherent talents and potentials, enabling them to outline a plan towards a professional life filled with greater motivation, joy, and purpose.

This reading is ideal for you if:

  • You desire to deepen your self-awareness, understand who you are, your likes, and your desires, in order to live in greater alignment with yourself and your purpose;
  • You have an interest in Numerology and see the meaning of numbers as an opportunity to better understand yourself;
  • You aim to tap into your full potential and embrace a professional life that aligns with your talents, passions, and values;
  • You seek clarity and confidence about your path ahead, so you can make decisions with a sense of security, leading to a professional life filled with more pleasure, joy, and ease.
This reading is not ideal for you who: 

  • Has no interest in numerology;
  • Are not interested in investing in self-discovery;
  • Feel fulfilled both personally and professionally.
This pack includes: 

  • A written PDF report detailing all aspects of your numerology chart;
  • Recording of the online session lasting up to 90 minutes;
  • Several surprise activities to connect with your chart;
  • Workbook with exercises to help you reflect on key takeaways, empowering you to take action.
Investment: €96

Numerology for Entrepreneurs

A guide to align yourself with the energy of your Project.

This is a numerology reading, complete with a written chart, recording, and workbook, designed for women who wish to dive into self-discovery, unlock their potential, and lead a personal and professional life filled with more pleasure, joy, and lightness. They seek to gain greater clarity and confidence in their decision-making to embrace a project aligned with their values and purpose, allowing them to better serve their clients and make a positive impact.

Some of the key parameters that we will be exploring, will be around the energy and messages more present in:

  • The name of your brand or possible names that you are exploring;
  • Current partnerships or possible partnerships;
  • Possible launch dates if you have not launched yet;
  • The key purpose and mission of your project;
  • Dates for new initiatives (workshops, events, etc)

In this reading, you will receive both an individual analysis and that of your project.

This reading is ideal for you if:

  • You desire a deeper self-understanding, seeking clarity about who you are, your preferences, and your aspirations to live in greater alignment with yourself and your life’s purpose;
  • You have a genuine interest in Numerology and view the significance of numbers as an opportunity for enhanced self-awareness, both for yourself and your project;
  • You’re committed to investing in yourself and your project to unlock your full potential and that of your project;
  • You aspire to ensure that your project authentically reflects your essence, values, and purpose, empowering you to manage it with heightened confidence, security, and ease. 
This reading is not suitable for those who:

  • Have no interest in numerology;
  • Are not interested in investing in self-discovery;
  • Feel fulfilled both personally and professionally;
  • Do not have a project or do not intend to embark on an entrepreneurial journey. 
What is included:

  • A written PDF report detailing all the parameters of your individual map and that of your project;
  • A recording of the online session, lasting up to 2 hours;
  • Workbook with exercises to help you reflect on key takeaways, empowering you to take action. 

Investment: €170

3 SET Program

Embody your full potential professionally.

This is an individual coaching and numerology program designed for women who find themselves at a professional crossroads, seeking to introspect, gain self-awareness, and clarify their next steps. By the end of it, with increased clarity and confidence, you will have an action plan tailored to you, aligning with your gifts, talents, and passions, allowing you to tap into your true potential and rediscover motivation, joy, and pleasure in your life.

In this program, you will have my full support to achieve your transformation in a more accelerated and structured manner. Through a holistic approach, I will apply various self-discovery tools so that together, we can define an action plan that will help you achieve the transformation you want to see in your life!

In these sessions, we will address work on a Mental, Emotional, Physical, and Intuitive level, and to support this, I bring self-discovery tools such as numerology, coaching, neuro-linguistic programming, meditation, and embodiment.


Hello Diana, I want to say that I loved the numerology session, because it was enlightening, it made me understand a number of things. Diana explains everything in such a simple way, with a calm and serene voice that conveyed peace and lightness to me, Thank you Diana!

- Sofia Silva (Numerology for Professionals)

This reading had a huge impact on me and my business! Diana describes each parameter of our brand with great clarity and detail. It brought so much clarity and awareness about WHO I am and WHAT I need to do. Throughout the reading, Diana guided me on a wonderful journey, where I discovered several insights that helped me to clarify my mind and recognize certain insecurities and fears. It was a transformational experience. This reading became certainly one of my supports, to which I will return several times to integrate and process everything that Diana transmitted to me. I recommend this Pack to anyone who wants to do a deeper work and recover all their potential. I strongly recommend it!

- Helena Costa (Numerology for Entrepreneurs)

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    I was born in Hong Kong and lived in Macau for 18 years. I’ve always been a curious person with a desire to see the world and that’s why at the age of 18, I decided to go to England to study where I lived for 8 years. In 2008, I decided to come to Portugal, where I love to be! I worked for 15 years in the financial area and led global projects in several multinationals. However, the desire to work on projects that led to a positive impact on people’s lives grew.

    In 2019, at the age of 36, I decided to change my professional path and launched 2 projects. DançaMente®, where I am a co-founder and our mission is to create wellness events and my Coaching project, in which my mission is to empower women in embracing a more meaningful and purposeful life!

    I believe in the power of the Mind, Body and Heart because it was through the balance between the three that I experienced the transformation that I desired, hence enabling me today to live my Purpose.

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