As a speaker, I share my life story, the path I took and continue to take, which has enabled me to live my Purpose, my truth.

I aim to inspire the participants with my motto in life, which is to live extraordinarily! Doubts often arise, such as: How can I live my Purpose? How can I feel more fulfilled in my work? How can I embrace my relationships in a deeper way?

I will share tips and strategies that will allow us to reflect, question and find our true path, our Purpose in the different areas of our life.

I am available to give talks to companies, events, educational institutions or private groups. The topics covered can be adapted. Together we can develop the topics to cover the intended purpose of the event or meeting.

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Cátia Rosa and I are the founders of DançaMente®, which was launched in 2019. DançaMente® is the result of the passion we share in Dancing, and the desire to promote the well-being of the Body and Mind. Through our events and activities, we want to pass on an experience to others, with joy, love, dedication, fun, connection and good energy.

We registered the brand in 2019 because we believe in the potential of DançaMente®, and in the importance of taking our mission to everyone, nationally and globally.

DançaMente® Mission: Promote wellness through dance and other activities, working through the connection between the Body and the Mind, to reach a state of happiness and serenity.

We develop wellness events for:


We develop Team-building events and activities to promote the well-being of employees.



We develop events and wellness activities for daycare centers, schools and universities through dance and other activities.

Private requests

We develop events, parties and birthdays with wellness activities.

DançaMente® Events

First DançaMente® Event

9th November 2019

DançaMente® for Her

14th March 2020
(postponed due to the pandemic)

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